Membership Covenant

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This Membership Covenant is an agreement between Celebration Church and me. It is entered with the understanding that both parties have serious responsibilities before God. This is not a casual commitment, but a serious step in the Christian journey.

By signing this membership covenant I acknowledge that:

  1. I am a born-again follower of Jesus Christ.
  2. I have been baptized in water.
  3. I work to keep an attitude of unity myself and also to protect the unity of the church.
  4. I strive to live my life based on the teachings of the Bible.
  5. I accept the fundamental teachings of this church.
  6. I am a worshiper of Jesus Christ.
  7. I support the church with my tithes (10%) and offerings.
  8. I do all I can to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who need to know about Him.
  9. I seek to live life full of the power of the Holy Spirit.
  10. I will attend services regularly.
  11. I will serve in some capacity of ministry within the church, using my gifts and abilities for God.

Celebration Church pledges the following for all members:

  1. To provide services through which people can experience the presence of God.
  2. To teach the Word of God.
  3. To strive to provide a variety of ministries, so that people in all stages of life have opportunities that meet them where they are.
  4. To diligently work to reach the world for Jesus Christ by supporting missions and missionaries.
  5. To work consistently according to our fundamentals of the faith.
  6. To help all members come to be all that God calls them to be by partnering with them in the discipleship process.
  7. To do everything possible to share the good news with Akron and all of northeast Ohio.

As we enter this covenant, we believe that our partnership will allow us to enter a new level of effectiveness for the Kingdom of God. Because of this we believe God will:

  1. Work in our services and ministries by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Give us new opportunities and possibilities.
  3. Raise up a new generation of godly young people who will follow the example of those who have gone before them.
  4. Bless this church in ways we never thought possible.