CLC Program Overview

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    • CLC facilitates a 31-week program year that runs the first week of September through second week of May.

    • Registration is open year around but subject to available seats. (Seats are reserved once the application form and    

       registration fees are submitted.)

    • Membership can be withdrawn at any time. There are no partial month refunds.



CLC Schedule


    Thursdays, 10:00AM – 3:00PM:

    Ages are 1st – High School*

    Enrollment includes the whole day.
    * Kindergarten options are available. Please reach out to administration to discuss.

        * Students 7th - 12th serve through our Leaders in Training program.




    10am - Character Based Chapel

    10:30am - Peer Discussion Groups

    11am - Topic Based Learning Classes

    12pm - Lunch & Recess

    1pm - Phys. Ed Class
    2pm - Topic Based Learning Classes

    3pm - Dismissal

    Class Topics: Art, Handicrafts, Science, Percussion, Music, Etiquette, Group Guitar, Graphic Design, Choir, Etc.
    Class topics will rotate on a yearly, semester & monthly basis due to teacher availability and student interest. 


    Check out our CLC Handbook for more information about our program! 



CLC Membership

    Membership Overview:
CLC membership includes all day Thursday CLC participation


    Registration Fees: 

    (Applied once per year for all programs)

    1 Student = $15

    2 Students = $20

    3-4 Students = $25

    5+ Students = $30


    Monthly Membership Fees:

    1 Student= $35 Monthly (Full Year $315)

    2 Students = $55 Monthly (Full Year $495)

    3 to 4 Students = $65 Monthly (Full Year $585)

    5 Students and above = $75 Monthly (Full Year $675)


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