CLC Program Overview

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    • CLC facilitates a 31-week program year that runs the first week of September through second week of May.

    • Registration is open year around but subject to available seats. (Seats are reserved once the application form and registration fees are submitted.)

    • Membership can be withdrawn at any time. There are no partial month refunds.



CLC Schedule


    Thursdays, 10:00AM – 3:00PM:

    Ages are 1st – High School*

    Enrollment includes the whole day.
    * Kindergarten options are available. Please reach out to administration to discuss.

        * Students 7th - 12th serve through our Leaders in Training program.



    Monthly Themes: Fun Arts (Creative Arts), Healthy & Fit, Farmers Market, Christmas Production, History/Living Wax Museum,
    STEM Fair, World Missions Fair, Earth Fair, & Spring Production



    10am - Character Based Chapel

    10:30am - Peer Discussion Groups

    11am - Classes/Monthly Presentations

    12pm - Lunch & Recess

    1pm - Phys. Ed Class
    2pm - Project Based Learning

    3pm - Dismissal


    Check out our CLC Handbook for more information about our program! 



CLC Membership

    Membership Overview:
CLC membership includes all day Thursday CLC participation and access to special pricing for our auxiliary classes offered Monday afternoons.
    (Information coming soon on our Monday specialty auxillary classes)


    Registration Fees: 

    (Applied once per year for all programs)

    1 Student = $15

    2 Students = $20

    3-4 Students = $25

    5+ Students = $30


    Monthly Membership Fees:

    1 Student= $35 Monthly (Full Year $315)

    2 Students = $55 Monthly (Full Year $495)

    3 to 4 Students = $65 Monthly (Full Year $585)

    5 Students and above = $75 Monthly (Full Year $675)


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