The Triumphant Entry

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Sun, 03/28/2021 - 10:00am



Easter Series: The Triumphant Entry

Pastor Zach Prosser

Matthew 21:1-17

  •   Choosing the Passover Lamb
    Exodus 12:1-7 – the perfect lamb was chosen on Palm Sunday

  •   Not the victory they were expecting
    Israel was expecting a man to conquer the Roman rule, but Jesus was conquering their (and our) spiritual bondage

    Discuss: What is the victory you are looking for in your life? What victory might God be trying to bring that is more than you imagine?

     The crowd had been affected by Jesus, and it drove them to shout “Hosana”

    Discuss: What is your reason to shout Hosana? How have you been affected by Jesus?

  •   Jesus cleared the leaven out of the Temple Matthew 21:12-13

  •   The religious get upset when children are affected by the power of God Matthew 21:15-16

    Discuss: What is the Biblical importance of children in the Kingdom of God?

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