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Bethesda Training Center is a site campus of Bethesda College New Orleans, and is a member of the Accrediting Commission International, the world's largest non-government school accrediting association. A.C.I. accredits 200 schools in the United States and in 9 other continents, with 21,000 students. Each year we offer several classes that vary from full length 13 week classes to 4 week intensive classes. Past courses that have been offered have covered subjects like Evangelism, Revival Study, Book Studies (Hebrews, James, Psalms, Song of Songs, etc.) Life of Christ, Pastoral Ministry, Counseling & more! Through these classes we aim to equip christians to fulfill the great commission and go into all the world and preach the Good News!

The A.C.I. is an independent accrediting agency that exists to help the religious world to obtain accreditation that is not government affiliated. They specialize in seminary and bible colleges. All A.C.I. member schools accept credits from other member schools if the credits apply to their programs. This form of ministry accreditation is not recognized by the United States Department of Education, but is recognized by most churches, ministry institutions, and ministry organizations.



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