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Interested in Becoming a Member at Celebration Church? Complete the below form and one of our leaders will be in contact with you soon.

If your spouse desires to become a member also, please complete separate applications. Thanks!
Members must be 16 years old or older.
List any ministries you are involved in in the field provided.
If yes, enter year in field provided.
If yes, enter year in the field provided.

I agree that I have provided accurate information to the foregoing application and understand that my submission of an application does not guarantee membership. I understand that Active Membership is a privilege, is not required for ministry involvement, and is voted upon by the official church board. I understand that new members are recognized in a special, new members service, and I will be notified of this opportunity. Any misrepresentations in this information, or personal conduct that is considered questionable and conflicts with Scripture may result in my loss of membership. I also understand that my membership allows me voting membership within Celebration Church, and I will be notified of related Celebration services (“business meetings”) or special-called business meetings. As a I member, I understand I will receive a membership certificate and/or identification card, and will have the opportunity annually to continue my membership. I understand that any member that consecutively does not attend Celebration for (3) months or more, those who do not regularly tithe (10%), those who fall into moral or sinful failure and do not desire restoration, or those who may be out of harmony with Celebration Church will be considered “inactive members” and lose voting privileges. Special memberships will be considered for ministers, military, or those in careers that may require extended absenteeism. Transfer of membership may be requested in writing to the church office.



Sunday Morning Prayer

Sun | 9:00am
Conference Room 9am-10am

Midweek Refresh Service

Wed | 7:00pm
7pm Service Children's ministry available

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